Midsummer Plot

Left side of the plot: calendula, kale, Swiss chard, leeks, winter squash, tomatoes, basil, flowers

Today, I spent three hours weeding my plot. Way overdue. I kind of had neglected my plot a bit in the past few weeks as I was more focused on the communal bed outside of the garden. It was a cool (70F) and overcast day, a welcome break between the heatwave that ended yesterday and the upper 80s predicted for the next coming days. Perfect weeding weather. Things are coming along nicely with the hot weather and now with a few days of showers and thunderstorms. I had fertilized the tomatoes with banana peel water last week, and they seem to have doubled in height since.

Right side of the plot: garlic, beets, zucchini, Thai basil, cucumber, cucamelon, rhubarb, flowers
Swiss chard, still fenced in together with the kale to fend off the rabbits
Butternut squash
The holy vegetable garden trifecta: tomatoes, basil, marigold

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