New Beginnings

My garden had a very late start this year. I just started planting seeds today, April 27, which I think is the latest I have ever started. We had an extremely long and wet winter, with sleet and freezing rain just last week. But now, spring seems to have arrived for good. Today I seeded carrots, radishes, beets, lettuce, peas, kale and Swiss Chard. Because of the birds that have been raiding my peas these past two years, I decided to try row covers this year, which I placed over my two rows of peas and the row of lettuce in between. We’ll see what happens.

The rhubarb is starting to come up (see picture above), but I will need to add more compost on my rhubarb mound. The garlic is also coming up nicely. Unlike my plot neighbor, I do not have asparagus yet. I hope there will be some. I am thinking of starting a larger asparagus patch in my garden next year.


Freshly planted plot, with some leeks still standing from last season