Eggplants and Hot Peppers

Today, I set up my grow lights and heat mat and started eggplant and hot pepper seedlings. I started four each of Ping Tung and Diamond eggplant, and two each of Thai red chilli pepper and Jalapeno. The hot peppers will be grown in containers on the porch as will at least some of the eggplant.

I also finally ordered my seeds from Sand Hill Preservation Center: kale, peas, green beans, cilantro, flowers. Once they arrive, I should be all set for seeds for the year.

Beginning of the Season

I started my first seedlings today. Bulgarian Giant leeks. Very exciting! I sowed four cells, which I will cover with a clear plastic dome and put on the radiator. Let’s see if this will work. I am saving my grow lights/heat mat set-up for my other seedlings (peppers, eggplant, basil, and maybe kale), which I will start in a couple of weeks.

New seeds! I am very excited about the Mexican sour gherkins.