High time to plant the garden! I had a bit of a delay this year as the kids and I were out of town for a week in mid-April and there was no water yet in the garden. I therefore decided to delay planting until we got back from our trip. It is one thing to ask your plot neighbor to water your crops in mid-July, which will entail pointing the hose a few yards to the side. It is yet another to ask him to haul over gallons of water from his house to do the same in the spring. So, today I transplanted lettuce and kale seedlings I had started indoors in March. Last weekend I also sowed carrots and radishes, a spring green mix, Swiss chard and more peas. Now let’s water and be patient.


The first flowers are coming in and the strawberries are flowering and the rhubarb is looking good.

Geum042916 strawberries042916 rhubarb042916

April Snow

Garlic April4 2016

Winter is back in Boston. It has been snowing yesterday and we got a few more inches today. The forecast calls for very low temperatures for the next couple of days, down to the twenties over night. I am not sure my peas will make it, so I will plant new ones once this cold spell is over. My garlic should be okay, right?