June Harvest

I harvested a nice bunch of overwintered leeks, a big head of lettuce and some volunteer hard-neck garlic that grew in the wrong spot. The strawberries are from a plot neighbor.

I spent three hours in the garden this morning weeding and pulling the mint that had taken over the better part of the back of my plot. I tied the asparagus and planted more Chiogga beets and a few dahlias, marigolds and cosmos. I also had meant to sow pole beans, carrots and more lettuce (in between the tomatoes so it can grow in the shade) but forgot, ha!

The garlic will be ready in a few weeks and I will need to harvest all the lettuce very soon. I also need to take out all those volunteer onions. The squash and cucumbers have settled in nicely, the chard and beets are looking good as are the new leeks. The kale is being eaten by something, but seems to manage to survive. Quite a few nasturtiums are coming up as well. The tomatoes have some flowers but not very many. I am worried that I overfertilized again, despite only using seaweed emulsion (once!) and sparingly so. Fingers crossed.

Early June

Early morning shadows after watering

I had a very late start gardening this season. We only got water in the community garden a couple of weeks ago and I delayed planting fearing COVID-19 might prevent us from gardening this year altogether. I have most things planted now, however. But because the seedlings spent their time in pots on my porch until now, they are still very small. Plus, I grew all of them from seed, minus the leeks and some herbs. Today, I put in more squash and more eggplants. I also fertilized my plants with seaweed emulsion (and repaired the water hose).

Bronze Beauty lettuce
Butternut squash

Early Summer Plantings

Front porch

I did some more planting yesterday. In the plot, I planted chard seedlings, two types of squash (butternut and delicata), a hot pepper, a zucchini and three cucumber plants. All of them were grown from seed. I also harvested some lettuce from the back porch and replanted that container with chard seedlings.

Front porch kale and lettuce
Back porch greens and baby chard
Back porch herbs