BLT. Basil, lettuce, tomatoes.

Today I re-potted my tomato seedlings and sowed cucumbers (Longfellow and Tokiwa), zucchini, butternut squash and Delicata squash indoors (two each). I also set two of my lettuce seedlings outside on my porch. Might have been a bit too early as it will be cold the next few days, but I needed the space under the grow lights.

Kagran Summer in her new habitat.
Newly sowed curcubites and re-potted tomatoes.

Seedlings up close

Tomato seedling stem

It is snowing today. A cold and wet day in the middle of spring. The forsythia bloom is almost over as are the daffodils. My seedlings are doing well under the grow lights and with the heat mat underneath. I currently have going: 4 tomato varieties (2 each), 2 basil, 2 parsley, a dozen or so head lettuces in different stages (half of them sown two weeks ago, the other half four weeks ago with the majority of the seedlings), 5 Tuscan kale, 2 hot Thai peppers, 1 eggplant (reseeded two weeks ago, only one of those plants came up and there may be a second one just poking out).

Tomato babies
Thai peppers
Tomatoes, basil, lettuce

Porch Updates

Garlic (and overwintering leeks)

Above you see some garlic from my plot today as it is much more photogenic than sowing seeds in pots on your porch. Today I direct-sowed Swiss chard (Bright Lights), Tuscan kale, cilantro and dwarf peas (Dwarf Grey Sugar) in containers on the porch. The radishes and spring greens are coming in nicely.

Spring greens
Current (indoors) seedling situation.
Front porch plantings (from left to right): peas, Astilbe, some other flower, and the future home for lettuce. And the summer home for the palm tree.


Today it will be hitting 60 degrees here in Boston. Spring is in the air. I repotted some seedlings, namely basil and head lettuce. My seedlings are doing fine, everything sprouted except, sadly, the eggplant. I reseeded some a couple of days ago, but the seeds are from last year so maybe that was the reason. Under my grow lights, I currently have basil, tomatoes, lettuce, hot peppers, kale, parsley (it final sprouted!). On my porch I sowed spring greens, arugula, radishes and mache. The spring greens are coming in nicely and some growth is starting to appear in the pot with the radishes/mache. Very exciting. Also, this is happening right now on my back porch:

I also went to the community garden to plant more peas, radishes and carrots.