Oh rats!


Last week, I found out why my tomato harvest is so meager this year and why while the cucumbers started out very well, I did not harvest any lately. Rats! They also destroyed my watermelon patch. I had five beautiful melons growing and within a day and a half all of them were gone. The rat(s) had taken up residence under the wooden border of my plot and dug a little nest. I tried to flush them out with the garden hose and I thought it had done the trick. No fresh digging marks for a few days. Last night I discovered a newly dug hole. The obstacles of urban gardening, I suppose. But what a disappointment.



Potatoes. Always for this German girl. I never plant enough it seems, but then I have such limited space and I like variety in the garden. I did not harvest as many potatoes as I had expected this year, only 4 pounds. But I only had 8 plants as some of the seed potatoes never sprouted, so I guess it is not all that bad. And those potatoes (Banana fingerlings) are delicious! I just roasted a few of them and we enjoyed them for dinner with roasted asparagus and prosciutto sage butter. Yum!