Starting Tomatoes

Tomato harvest October 8, 2020

Today, I started my tomatoes under the grow lights. I sowed two each of Black Strawberry (E), Scotia (E), Stupice (E), Black Prince (M), Striped German (M), Dr. Wyche Yellow (M/L), Green Zebra (M/L), Ananas Noire (L), Break O’ Day (L), Bakers Family Heirloom (L). A nice mix of early, mid-season and late-season tomatoes, of colors (4 red, 1 yellow, 3 black/purplish, 1 yellow/red, 1 green/yellow) and of sizes. While most of the seeds are from this year, the seeds for some of the varieties are a few years old, some are from 2019. Here’s to hoping they all will germinate.

Start of the Season

All my seed orders are in now. I will write up a detailed post about all the varieties I ordered this year soon. Today, I started the first indoor seedlings, 30 cells in total: basil (2 Thai Basil, 6 Nufar), peppers (2 Hot Thai, 2 Jalapeno, 2 Bulgarian Pimento, 2 Sweet Pickle Peppper), eggplant (3 Nadia, 3 Ping Tung, 3 Green Round Thai – a freebie from Sand Hill Preservation Center) and kale (3 Blue Curled Scotch and 2 Tuscan). So exciting!