Fall Planting

Yesterday, I spent some time in the garden taking out the spent cucumber plants and the Red Russian Kale, which has a pest problem. I also transplanted my three pole beans (ha!) to make space for fall planting. I don’t have any hope for those. I sowed radishes, fall greens and arugula. I do not have too much hope because of the resident rabbit, but I plan to add row covers to perhaps helps some of these plants survive. It has been a strange year in the garden.

2 lbs. 11.5 oz.

I also harvested some tomatoes and a monster zucchini (I had not been to the garden in three days).

Braiding Garlic

My teenager insisted that I wait with braiding the garlic until she got back from a trip. So I did. She pleated both braids that now hang in our pantry. Overall, I harvested 51 heads of garlic this summer, which should take us well into next spring.

33 softnecks braided and 18 hardnecks in the wooden bowl
(including a couple of softnecks with “broken necks”)
Stocking up the pantry

August Check-In

I took advantage of the cooler temperatures yesterday morning and spent two hours weeding my garden plot. My cucumbers are on their way out. They have started to wilt, I think I might have over-watered them. The green beans never made it. The seedlings are eaten by something/someone right after they emerge from the ground – I suspect the resident rabbit. The parsley died again. Like last year, the leaves turned reddish and pale and the plant basically disappeared. I ripped it out. I did some research and found that it might be due to a phosphorus deficiency. I will have to seriously amend my soil this fall. The greens are doing very well and the squash is looking good as well. The eggplants are growing nicely and the tomatoes and basil are also doing well. The first dahlias will bloom very soon – I am super excited. Soon I will put in fall greens and beets.

Greens and squash