Thai Hot Sauce

I finally harvested my Thai peppers today. I had one plant in a container on my back porch and it gave me two cups of hot peppers. Most of them were red, some (about a third of them total) still green. I cut off the entire plant and then picked the peppers to make hot sauce. I followed this recipe for Thai hot sauce but I lowered the amount of vinegar because I wanted it thicker. I also do not have a food mill, so it is just hot sauce, seeds and all. It is super spicy and I am looking forward to using it instead of store-bought Sriracha sauce and Chili garlic sauce.

Before picking
After picking
After roasting at 450 for 15 minutes (I also roasted three cloves of home-grown garlic wrapped in foil for 20 minutes)
After blending
Finished product (after boiling down)

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