Some Summer Dinners from the Garden – 2020

Harissa-rubbed chicken breast over arugula, heirloom tomatoes, peaches and parsley with tahini dressing – Aug 12
Zucchini/parsley frittata with cherry tomatoes – Aug 13
Roasted chiogga beets and goat cheese over arugula topped with toasted pepitas – Aug 21
Pizza with garlic scape pesto, kale and roasted shallots (all home-grown), cherry tomatoes (not home-grown) and mushroom. Before it was topped with cheese and went into the oven – July 17
Not a dinner in itself but a dinner condiment – quick refrigerator pickles – Aug 22
Lemony zucchini and pepper stir fry with fresh herbs and Aleppo pepper
(served topped with feta over rice) – Aug 25
Kale pasta with sausage, peppers, garlic, feta and toasted pine nuts – Aug 27
Zucchini potato gratin with tomatoes and fresh herbs (all veggies and herbs except the potatoes were home-grown) – Aug 31
Zucchini potato gratin (see above)
Roasted Ping Tung eggplant with goat cheese, pine nuts and parsley – Sep 13
Heirloom tomato feta sandwich with tahini and parsley – Sep 11
Korean bibimbap bowl with sesame Swiss chard from the garden – Sep 18
Thai basil chicken with hot Thai peppers, garlic and basil from the garden – Sep 24
Lunch: Egg on a bed of sauteed home-grown kale, tomato and garlic – September 28
Tomato tart with fresh heirloom tomatoes and roasted heirlooms on a bed of arugula pesto and cheese (all veggies except the arugula are home-grown) – October 5

Not pictured: countless Caprese sandwiches, creamy cucumber salad (with sour cream dressing), Swiss chard frittata.

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