Ready for Winter

Today I got my plot truly ready for winter. We had a few night frosts this past week, so I pulled the flowers, Swiss chard and tender lettuces, which all had frost damage. The fall greens are still going strong, so I am keeping them in for a few more days. I also still have carrots growing, which I will pull in a few weeks. Same with the parsley, of which I harvested some today. I am planning to overwinter my leeks.

I finally divided the asparagus, yay! I divided the big clump into six crowns and gave them plenty of space in between. I hope they will establish over the winter. I had planned to do this these past two years in early spring, but this spring I had COVID, which knocked me out for the entire month of April and made me miss the dividing window, and the year before the ground was frozen solid for much longer and then it got warm very quickly. Fingers crossed. The worst case scenario is that I won’t have much to harvest next spring.

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